Career in Adventure Sports

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Adventure Sports are the sports entailing facing of challenges and obstacles. It is not too difficult to opt Adventure as career. Even career in Adventure is very prosperous & wide. The only eligibility criteria, while you are choosing Adventure sports as a career, you should be physically fit, have a sound state of mind and spirit of adventure.

We all know that the adventure sports are one of the most exciting Sports type and gaining popularity throughout the world specially in Tourism sector as Adventure Tourism. In India we had the world's greatest Adventure asset in form of Himalaya, it seems as a Brand & Icon of Indian Adventure. Also India is a country of Geographical Diversity having snow-capped mountains, mighty rivers, thundering sea, the hot desert and the wonderful wild life. It is the country of religion, culture, history, arts, monuments, people, love and integrity. This offers a unique combination of Adventure & Tourism.

Today there is growing demand for holidays that offer more strenuous activities such as Trekking & Rock climbing, Parasailing & Paragliding, Rafting & Kayaking and Water skiing & Snow skiing, etc. The need for self-actualization can be met in number of ways. At its simplest, the 'desire to commune with nature' is a common trait among many of peoples, and can be achieved through these Adventure packages. These appeal because they attract whose basic needs for relaxation have already been satisfied and they are now seeking something more challenging & more exciting, which provide opportunity to test their abilities and while this may involve no more than a search for competence.

Companies are organising Adventure packages regularly for the recreation of their employees, which increase their physical strength, motivation & moral and reduce & remove the mental stress and also encourage the spirit of Teamwork. Institutions are also conducting the Adventure packages/courses for its students that expose them to nature, hardships, and hazards, thereby build their personality, character, confidence & courage.

Also the National/International level events/competition/expedition of Adventure Sports has been organizing continuously since past 4-5 years by many of reputed Associations, Companies and Govt bodies. Ministry of Youth Affairs are also offering many of schemes & grants for the promotion of Adventure Sports.

In India the commercialization of Adventure Sports is going very fast. Number of companies are providing adventure services and manufacturing the adventure sports equipment. Soon it plays a major role in Indian economy like other industries.

All these require more Adventure instructors, event coordinators, and marketing/management professionals. People who wish to opt Adventure sports as career, has to start first from 5-7 days Adventure Course then Basic Course, Intermediate Course, Advance course and Master of Instruction (MOI) Course.


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