How do you travel?

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Everyone on this earth have different mindsets about travelling. Some people believe in comfort and leisure and some in money and time saving. 

Most people nowadays seem to want everything to happen in a hurry. When they want it they want it right now and nothing should delay the process of getting it. This is also very true when it comes to going on vacation, just hop on an airplane and you are there. Very few are willing to spend a few days in a car or on a bus in order to get where they are going. Of course this time spent on the road trying to get there will take a few days of you actually being able to spend at your destination but the pleasure of travelling by bus or a car is unimaginable.

 A bus might not be the most comfortable way of traveling but you sure can have a lot of interesting things happen while on that bus, not to mention all the different people you get to meet. Surely you meet people on an airplane too but still it is not the same. On a plane you are probably heading for the same destination and are probably going to see the same sights.

Traveling by bus you will meet people going everywhere because they will be changing buses in the different cities you will be stopping in. Generally you will also meet people from all walks of life on these trips and believe it or not you can learn a great deal from listening to their experiences. You can at times be amazed to hear what some of these people have encountered on their travels through life, not only on that bus. Traveling by bus is also a way to be able to see the country without having to be behind the wheel yourself.

Have you ever even considered taking a train ride? For people with kids this can be a wonderful way of traveling since you are actually able to get up and move around. Besides, what child has not dreamt of riding on a train which at times will take you where no car or bus can go plus there is that excitement of being able to spend the night on it. While you are traveling at high speed, nothing is more soothing than to fall asleep in a sleeping wagon to the chugging of a train engine.

Another great way of traveling is by boat, no matter if it is a big cruise liner or a much smaller boat. The unpredictable water can give you a ride of a lifetime. The thrill of going on an ice breaker in the middle of a winter storm can not be explained, only experienced. This also goes for being in deck on a beautiful summer night were all you can see is water no matter which direction you are looking in. Sometimes things can feel a little scary but it sure is an adventure you will never forget.

With this maybe you will reconsider before jumping on that airplane in order to hurry up and reach your destination. Travel and vacationing is so much more than just getting there and enjoying your 10 days before hopping back on that plane so you can hurry back to work. Try not to be in such a hurry, enjoy your time of and experience some of the different ways of traveling to your vacation destination.

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