Parasailing - An Introduction

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Parasailing is a very popular sport all over the world; colourfull parasail can be seen behind motorboat or fourwheel alomst everywhere specially at tourist places. The sheering joy of flying like kite and not much need of training have made parasailing immensely popular. 

Parasail is specially designed Para - ascending parachute attached to some tow vehicle like motor boat or four wheel drive.

Parasailing begun in the 1960s when Piere Lamoigne attached that time existing parachute with a car to teach parachuters, they were raised at certain height and then released freely. It was the cheaper way to train parachuters. That method was known as Para ascending.

In the middle of 1961, Pioneer Parachute Company started making Parachute for Para ascending under Protected name Parasail

Mark Mc Culloh was the first who set the highest standards of parasailing in 70s. He was the first one who started Commercial Parasailing at the sea, also he was the first one who designed first motorized plat form for parasailing in 1972 and Winch boat in 1974.

Parasailing Methods
Basically Parasailing is categorized in Aero Sports but it needs a platform to take off and moving transport medium whether it is a four wheel drive or a motorboat. There is not much difference in technique and principles of parasailing in various methods except different moving transport medium and different running surfaces for it, so Parasailing method can be primarily classified in following methods:

  • Ground Parasailing
  • Water Parasailing

What does Parasailing Requires?

  • Flight area: Flight area is an area where the take off, flying and landing of parasail takes place. Flight area must be clear of any obstruction such as trees, power lines etc.
  • Parasail Crew & Central organisation: They consist of the following members.
    • Controller - He is the controller of the over all operations & flight.
    • Tow Crew - It consists of Pilot and Observer
    • Launch Crew - Two individuals are required to assist the parasailor in fitting the harness, to position the parasailor and to guide the canopy during the launch.
    • End Helpers - Atleast two individuals are required to assist the parasailor immediately after his descend at the time of Landing.
  • Equipments for Parasailing: The equipments required for parasailing are:-
    • Parasail
    • Harness
    • Tow rope
    • Yoke
    • Tow Vehicle (Four wheel drive or Motorboat)
    • Safety Gears (Helmet, Knee& Elbow guards, High anklets shoes etc.)

This was just a brief introduction about Parasailing and it would be judicious on our part to take all precautions prescribed for parasailing by the expert. Safety first, is an excellent rule that saves life and permits tension free enjoyment of parasailing.

Note: It is highly recommended that always go for Parasailing under the surveillance of experts only.


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